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Is that a laptop on your lap?

Every so often, a news headline mentions the safety of routinely working with computers. Recently, the headline isn’t so much about the desktop computer we have at work and/or at home, it’s about the laptop computer and whether it’s safe to use during pregnancy. Fair question – just what do we know about this? Read More »

Answers to your Radiation Questions

From time to time we all have questions about radiaiton, but have trouble finding just the right answer. Oh, there is a lot of information available (on this Web site and others), but what is factual and what is not, what is up-to-date and what is not, and how do I find MY answer? Read More »

Airport X ray Scanners

It seems the choice de jour for security these days is to use some form of x ray screening at the airport. Our carry-on bags get screened using x rays and sometime get wiped down and checked for chemicals; our checked luggage gets a free CT scan, and we, sometimes, get screened using x rays. It’s called a backscatter x-ray screening device. Read More »

More on Cell Phones

To use your cell phone or not to use your cell phone…is that the question? For those who mostly text or use hands-free devices, that question doesn’t matter. Read More »

This Radiation is Okay because it is Natural

I have heard this statement before and it came to mind again this morning when I read the following in a news article “Like all radioactive material, the gamma radiation from Cobalt-60 can cause cancer if ingested by humans, especially if it occurs due to leaks from the nuc¬lear plant that can cause contamination in water bodies.” Read More »

Seventy-five Percent More Radiation?

I’ve certainly noticed this trend before, but it wasn’t until I was emailing with an individual who had questions about radiation exposures that I realized the impact. Read More »

24 Hour Radiation?

I think its time to get away from 24 hour news. &lt;<chuckle>&gt; I can hear you saying “Just turn off your TV,” but its not that easy. </chuckle> Read More »

Is Radiation to Blame?

This is a continuation on the theme from the blog “Suggested or Proven – Is Radiation to Blame? I think the topic is worthy of more than one blog for a better understanding of radiation and its effects. Read More »

We all know about radiation…don’t we?

I sometimes feel a little stupid when I hear or read that phrase. “Well, we all know that walking is harmful.” We do? Read More »

Suggested or Proven - Is Radiation to Blame?

We have a guest blogger today, Dr. Robert Reiman. Enjoy. Read More »