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Questions & Answers

Since 2002, you have been asking the Health Physics Society "Ask the Experts" editors for answers to your questions about radiation, giving us the rare opportunity to know what is on your mind, your worries and concerns about radiation, and what others have told you about radiation. We are very grateful to you for sharing some of your time with us and appreciate your confidence in our ability to answer your questions.

Your most commonly asked questions and our answers are the topic of this section. Personal information has been edited out of questions, and questions with a similar subject or idea have been combined into one.

Radiation & Pregnancy

The issue of radiation and its effects on a pregnant woman and her unborn child is very important. Here, we address some of the common questions and concerns pregnant women have.

Radiation & Suntanning

UV radiation from the sun or tanning beds can be harmful. Find out how to protect yourself from UV radiation and what the risks of exposure are.

Nuclear Power

Nuclear power plants provide a great source of energy for everyone, but are they safe for the public? Find answers to your questions about nuclear power plants here.

Dirty Bombs

We sometimes hear about "dirty bombs" in the news. What is a dirty bomb? Is it dangerous? Your questions about dirty bombs are answered here.

Radiation Basics

We answer your general questions pertaining to radioactive decay and other basics.

Radiation Exposure

Is exposure to radiation safe or dangerous? We answer your general questions about radiation exposure and its effects here.

Radiation in Small Doses

How do small doses of radiation affect the human body? Is it safe to be exposed to small amounts of radiation? Learn about small doses of radiation here.