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Let's Talk
About Radiation

Learn about the effects of radiation on you and your family, and why there is controversy.

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Let’s Talk About Radiation: Answering Your Questions

Radiation. Should I be concerned about it? Is it safe? Is it harmful? How do I know when it is okay and when it isn’t? Some people say it is nothing to be concerned about, but others say even a little is too much—what should I believe?

We all have questions about radiation and it isn’t easy to sort through the available material to find answers. Sometimes the information is too technical or it is too hard to find just the answer you’re looking for. The purpose of the information on this Web site is to help you find answers quickly and easily. It needn’t be read in any order—in fact, we encourage you to simply browse through it. You can even conduct a search to find the exact page of the item in which you are interested.

Our objective is to share factual, easy-to-read information. Knowledge can reduce fear and anxiety about radiation.