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Answers to your Radiation Questions

From time to time we all have questions about radiaiton, but have trouble finding just the right answer. Oh, there is a lot of information available (on this Web site and others), but what is factual and what is not, what is up-to-date and what is not, and how do I find MY answer?

The Health Physics Society, a group of radiation safety professionals (of which I am a part), sponsors this site and it's own professional site (I'll call it the "home" site). On their home site, there is a function called Ask The Experts that is a place for you to find your answer ( Yes, really - and if you can't find your answer in the questions and answers that are posted, you can submit a question and an expert in that field will send an individual reply email directly to you! I know - personal service! This is a great function and, to-date, over 9,000 questions have been submitted and answered by our experts. To submit a question, you can go to where you pick a category, type in your question(s) and, within a few days, get a personal answer.

Also something that might be of interest to you is that most of the information found on this Web site is now in a soft-cover book available on Amazon for $9.00. It is still the nice easy-to-read format; it's been put in a hard-copy form because sometimes we just can't get to a computer or our Web-enabled phone. You can search on the title "Radiation Answers: Answers to Questions About Radiation and You."

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