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Welcome to the RadiationAnswers blog. We're going to examine all things radiation: news articles, scientific articles, television shows, and even some general myths.
Many of the blogs will be written by me, Kelly, a member of the Health Physics Society, the group responsible for this site and am a board-certified medical health physicist. I have worked in radiation-related specialty areas for over 25 years. Occasionally, I will have guest bloggers, individuals who also are radiation specialists.
I went back to college after starting my first career, as an x-ray technologist, because I found it frustrating not to know how to answer patients’ questions about the radiation exposure they were receiving. I thought I was letting them down, so I decided to find out about radiation exposure and share that information with anyone wanting to know more about radiation.
I’ve been fortunate to be able to share what I know through various presentations to public audiences and, more recently, by helping develop information sheets and answering questions submitted by the public on the Society’s sister Web site,
If you’d like to browse questions we have received from people around the world and the answers we have provided, visit If you have a question about radiation that you would like to submit, you can do so at
I’ll be blogging about once every two weeks; if there is more in the news to talk about, it might be more frequent.